typedef int (*sasl_conn_callback_t)

(struct BP_CONNECTION* bp,
  sasl_conn_t** conn,
  void* clientData,
  int serverP)

Prototype for the connection creation callback


Prototype for the connection creation callback

This calls sasl_client_new or sasl_server_new with whatever callback information is desired, and, on success, makes a call to sasl_setprop to set the desired security properties with SASL_SEC_PROPS.

Another reason to supply this callback, is it allows you to squirrel away the connection pointer to later call sasl_getprop.

bp - A pointer to the connection structure.
conn - Must be filled-in by the callback, i.e., by calling sasl_client_new or sasl_server_new.
clientData - The user-supplied pointer provided to cyrus_tune or cyrus_login.
serverP - If non-zero, call sasl_server_new (otherwise, call sasl_client_new).
A SASL result code (e.g., SASL_OK).

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