Registration structure and functions

A structure defined by the Profile API for registering a profile-module.
o load_beep_profiles
Dynamically loads profile-registration structures using a configuration object and invoking the entry-point for each profile module identified.
o (*profile_shlib_init)
Prototype for the well-known entry point required in a shared library which provides profiles.
o bp_profile_registration_new
Allocates a new profile-registration structure, filling-in everything but the callback pointers.
o bp_profile_registration_clone
Allocates a new profile-registration structure, copying everything from another structure.
o bp_profile_registration_destroy
Deallocates a profile-registration structure returned by bp_profile_registration_new or bp_profile_registration_clone
o bp_profile_registration_chain_destroy
Deallocates a linked-list of profile-registration structures.

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