Connection Management

o bp_connection_create
Binds a socket to a connection structure.
o bp_profile_register
Registers a profile registration with a connection.
o bp_start
Starts the protocol engine after the desired profiles are registered with a connection.
o bp_shutdown
Terminates all channels on the session.
o bp_connection_destroy
Reaps the resources associated with the connection.
o bp_get_config
Returns the configuration object associated with the connection (cf, bp_connection_create).
o bp_log
Makes a formatted log entry using the connection's logging function (cf, bp_connection_create).
o bp_new_reader_writer
Pushes a read/write function to the I/O stack for the connection.
o bp_push_rwfilter
Adds a read/write function to the I/O filter stack for the connection.

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